December 16, 2018

My Goals

Purpose of this blog

This blog intends to document my learning objectives, and set goals to be completed.

Some higher level goals are:

  • Become more knowledgeable about DNS and security
  • Become a better programmer
  • How to do DevOps professionally
  • Learn by doing
  • Become an AWS Solutions Architect Professional
  • Become an OpenBSD committer

Here are some learning goals for work:

  • Renew AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification
    • Go through lectures
  • Learn how Terraform works; read the Go source code
  • Understand how to use its key features:
    • Workspaces
    • tfstate
    • taint
    • outputs
    • template files
  • How to make Terraform source manageable in a team
  • How to run Terraform in a CICD setup
  • Learn about Ansible roles
  • What is Ansible Galaxy?
  • How to make Ansible source manageable in a team
  • How to run Ansible in a CICD setup

Here are my OpenBSD learning goals:

  • Learn how to write pf rules
  • Setup Unbound and NSD
  • Write C programs to interface with Kernel
    • Try to break OpenBSD by exploring security features
  • Manage system (users, resources, network)
  • How does OpenBSD use cryptography?
  • What is meant by its security features?